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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] rough draft of graph model paper

Henry K van Eyken wrote:    (01)

> Eugene.
> Two points, of which the second one wanders away from the main, "technical"
> topic, but is not unimportant, maybe even more important.
> 1. On the "tool system" side of things, a comment about fine-grained
> addessability (while mindful of that old adage that fools rush in where angels
> fear to tread) shouldn't there be also a way of pointing to fine-grained
> features in graphics and tables? In the case of graphics, it would be nice to
> create a link that effectively employs the co-ordinates of a mouse pointer.
> (Application: I may wish to point to a detail in the reproduction of a painting
> and others may wish to see what kind of attention various details of a painting
> have received.) In the case of tables, it might be an area the user marked
> using inverse video. Backlinking would also be important here.
> This wouldn't be all that complicated would it? Or am I just ignorant of this
> kind of feature is already being under consideration?    (02)

I believe I can address the first point. I've got plans to add a
feature like this into Ceryle, such that a URL could be suffixed
with a query string that would bring up the image within the
application, and draw a box or circle around a specific location
in the document. This idea is in response to the need within PORT
for such a feature, so that people can talk about a part of a
document, in their case a page in a Peirce manuscript. In my case,
I want to be able to point to location on a map.    (03)

Java has a GlassPane, a layer that sits above a window, upon which
I would draw the graphics. I've not yet started development of this,
but it's in the plans. (and the early releases of Ceryle are planned
for later this spring)    (04)

Murray    (05)

Murray Altheim                         <mailto:m.altheim @ open.ac.uk>
Knowledge Media Institute
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