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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] OmniMaps

Man, that's frustrating.  Why do we need to waste time on parallel development?    (01)

Something that I am going to do soon is to spin out the Graph Layout + 
Locality portions of the tool into two separate packages.  The Graph Layout 
part will take any set of nodes + edges where the nodes have coordinates 
and alter their layout either step by step, or as a thread.  The Locality 
portion will take a set of nodes + edges and then offer various ways of 
generating subsets.    (02)

Doing so should enable TouchGraph's Layout + Locality functionality to be 
plugged in to any graph-oriented tool (which there seem to be a lot more of 
lately).  Also, having smaller packages should make them easier to document 
(it's less of a drain time wise).    (03)

Thanks Jack, I'll have to contact these guys to let them know about my app.    (04)

--Alex    (05)

At 07:46 AM 3/22/02 -0800, you wrote:
>"With OMiMaps interrelations can be displayed in your webbrowser. E.g. 
>sitemaps, querys or other associative connections can be shown. OMiMaps is 
>an Applet. It is connecting to a webserver each time when it needs new data. "
>Looks just like TouchGraph with a GPL license.    (06)