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[ba-ohs-talk] SUN's Conceptual Indexing Project for Precision Content Retrieval

Anybody know if this is open source technology, like StarOffice?    (01)

Knowledge Technology Group
Bill Woods, PI
<  http://research.sun.com/people/william.woods >    (02)

Conceptual Indexing Project for Precision Content Retrieval
<  http://www.sun.com/research/knowledge/index.html >    (03)

   * Is designed for those wanting quick access
   * Retrieves relevant passages within a document
   * Is intended for fine-grained, specific information needs
   * Works best for small queries and targets
   * Exploits knowledge of language and meaning    (04)

Precision Content Retrieval provides users with three key benefits.    (05)

   * Specific passage retrieval
        o finds specific passages of information content that are
          responsive to queries by users    (06)

   * Intuitive ranking of hits
        o produces a scored list of specific passages within documents    (07)

   * Conceptual navigation
        o structured taxonomy is suitable for efficient browsing and
          navigation of concepts found in documents    (08)

< http://research.sun.com/knowledge/papers.html >    (09)

< http://research.sun.com/knowledge/people.html >    (010)

On-line Help
< http://research.sun.com/nova/cgi-bin/docs/index.html>
E-mail: indexing-info@east.sun.com    (011)