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Overview 1

Watch Doug describing Collective IQ in this JCN Visionaries interview with Marc Doyle (1995)
Collective IQ diagram
Collective IQ diagram
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Source: Engelbart's Bootstrap "Paradigm Map" presentation; watch the presentations, browse the slide deck

In Doug Engelbart's words, Collective IQ is a measure of how well people can work together on important problems and opportunities – how quickly and intelligently they can anticipate or respond to a situation, leveraging their collective perception, memory, insight, planning, reasoning, foresight, and experience into applicable knowledge needed to solve the problem. 1a

Whether seeking a cure for cancer or clean energy, drafting important legislation, or developing a new product or service, a group's Collective IQ is a key determinant of how effectively a given challenge can be perceived and addressed. Collective IQ is ultimately a measure of effectiveness. 1b

The more complex and urgent the mission, the more critically it depends on Collective IQ, which in turn depends on how effectively the group can research, capture, organize, share, and leverage their emerging knowledge within an ecosystem of dynamic knowledge repositories (DKRs), processes and tools. In its simplest form, Collective IQ is a measure of how effectively a group can concurrently develop, integrate, and apply its knowledge toward its mission, for which Doug affectionately coined the term CoDIAK. 1c

Organizations with a higher Collective IQ will see the benefit of proactively raising their Collective IQ to its highest potential, and will soon surpass those that don't. As the rate and scale of change around the world increases exponentially, so must our collective ability to increase our Collective IQ in business and society to stay ahead of the curve and thrive. Creating brilliant businesses, networks, and institutions will create brilliant societies and a brilliant world. 1d

Boosting our Collective IQ begins with employing best practices and tools to facilitate the above collective capabilities in an enabling dynamic knowledge ecosystem, and then evolving that ecosystem with better and better tools and practices that, in turn, further facilitate the evolution. 1e

Bootstrapping our Collective IQ is a powerful five-point strategy for accelerating the innovation in a project, organization or community – how you involve your stakeholders, how you identify the problem set you will focus on collectively solving, how you evolve your dynamic knowledge ecosystem and leverage your collective intelligence, and more. 1f

Why Collective IQ Matters 2

  • The opportunities, problems, challenges we face are increasing exponentially on a global scale, so finding exponentially more powerful ways to collectively address important challenges is critical;
  • 2a
  • This is both a dire threat and a golden opportunity Ė companies, initiatives, regions, nations that kick into gear on this will likely surpass those that donít in leaps and bounds.
  • 2b
  • The sooner we reach critical mass as a planet, the better off we all are, and thus there is tremendous value in sharing best practices, and in addressing this collectively as a Grand Challenge.
  • 2c

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