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Overview 1

OHS diagram
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Source: see Engelbart's Bootstrap Paradigm Map for whole OHS series of slides unfolding.

Open Hyper Tools refers to tools that are needed to support dramatic improvements in our Collective IQ capability, and are either missing from prevailing information technology, or not yet sufficiently ubiquitous or interoperable to reach their intended potential. The fundamental requirements for open hyper tools are laid out in Doug's framework for a world wide open hyperdocument system (OHS). We see this as a weaving together of enabling technology such as: 1a

  • open source platforms (e.g. Wikimedia, blogging and forum software)
  • selected commerical software (e.g. two way screen sharing)

combined with: 1b

and in parallel: 1b

  • pushing forward with advanced exploratory prototypes that showcase a full complement of basic OHS capabilities, to facilitate: (a) hands-on experience of OHS features in an integrated environment, (b) a platform for prototyping dynamic knowledge repositories, and (c) a working model for open source developers writing OHS extensions. See About Augment and About HyperScope as well as our Demos page for examples of such prototypes in the past.

  • ultimately most features of OHS would become standard, working interoperably across all platforms and applications.

Examples 2

Fine-Grained Addressability 2a

  • One Off: Video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Internet Archive video now offering right-click to select Copy Link to this point in the video; Word Processors such as MS Word, GoogleDocs offering dynamic outline view in left panel, and presentation tools such as PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat offer thumbnail view of slides or pages in left panel, for some level of granular navigation and manipulation; On the fly addressability/linkability by number in Purple MediaWiki, and in all spreadsheet programs.
  • 2a1
  • Ubiquitous: Fine-grained annotation and direct linking in hypothes.is almost everywhere, and on the fly addressability/linkability by number in textual and mixed-media documents using purple numbers
  • 2a2
  • See Also: About Our Website re: our purple numbers, table of contents view, and other rudimentary OHS-like features we offer; About Augment/NLS and About HyperScope for early prototypes of comprehensive systems used to evolve, refine and demonstrate OHS requirements.
  • 2a3

Further Inquiry 3