Explore the impact of Doug Engelbart's considerable legacy

Explore Doug's many pio­neer­ing firsts, from the 'Mother of All Demos' to the Mouse and more, all show­cased at the Engel­bart Archive with online exhi­bits, his­tor­ic foot­age, photos, and fun facts galore. Don't miss the 1969 SEQUEL to the Demo, his epic design strat­egy, or his 1962 mani­festo Augment­ing Human Intel­lect which turns 60 this year!  
What drove his innovation and spark­ed a revo­lu­tion, cata­pul­ting us into the Know­ledge Age? Visit the Engel­bart Aca­demy to learn about a Call to Ac­tion, accel­er­a­tive Strat­e­gy, a Para­digm Map, and enabling tech­nology for today's busi­ness and soci­ety to reach our high­est col­lec­tive poten­tial—now more viable and more crucial than ever!
Now you can put these same strate­gic accel­er­a­tors to work Bootstrap­ping Bril­liance in your own ini­tia­tives, teams and organ­i­za­tions. Get started with Your Toolkit and visit Our Initia­tives and Net­worked Commu­nity Show­case to see how some ini­tia­tives making a dif­fer­ence in the world are already meet­ing the Engel­bart Challenge.

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Watch Doug share his vision - past, present and future

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Honorable Mention

Watch President Obama cite Doug Engelbart's innovations:

"So much of our information age began right here, at Stanford... It was from here in 1968 where researcher Douglas Engelbart astonished an audience..."
– President Barak Obama

The National Medal of Technology & Innovation

On December 1, 2000, the White House bestowed on Douglas Engelbart the National Medal of Technology and Innovation,
the highest award in it's class

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Douglas Carl Engelbart

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