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Thanks to the forsight and vigilance of the Internet Archive, earlier versions of our website were captured for posterity. We launched our first website in 1995, initially to post items most requested by journalists, and publications we most often wanted to send people. It didn't take long to turn it into a more comprehensive communication medium, with newsletters, a forum, event brochures, publicastion order forms, and more. 1a

Following are a few samplings over the years. Note that our Institute was founded in 1988 as Bootstrap Institute. Years later we founded the non-profit Bootstrap Alliance and folded all operations into that, and in 2008 changed our name officially to the Doug Engelbart Institute. Three names, all one continuous vision and mission. 1b

Origins of our online repository. Our first website was circa 1995. We had a fully integrated hypertext repository within the NLS/Augment system, which was on various networks even before the internet came along, but by the time the internet came into existence, our repository in its native software environment was not accessible through the web. 1c