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[ba-ohs-talk] Bootstrap Alliance changes; new mailing lists

Dear Bootstrap community,    (01)

Most of you are familiar with Doug Engelbart's life mission: to
improve humanity's collective capability for solving complex, urgent
problems.  A few years ago, Doug established the Bootstrap Alliance
(BA) in order to help further his goals.  Most recently, Peter Yim
organized and led the 2000 Stanford Colloquium under the umbrella of
BA, for which the unrev-ii mailing list was created.    (02)

Over the past several months, BA has been undergoing several
structural changes in order to make more specific and tangible
progress in setting up a Bootstrap framework: coordinating the work of
those who wish to contribute to extending Doug's legacy, fundraising,
communicating the Bootstrap message, and so on.  One significant
change was the establishment of the Core Planning Committee (CPC),
which has inherited the responsibility for BA's operations.    (03)

The CPC consists of Doug, myself, Jack Park, Karen Robbins, and Mei
Lin Fung, who chairs the committee.  We have made significant progress
in several areas, and will have a number of announcements to make over
the next few weeks.    (04)

The first announcement is the creation of three new mailing lists:    (05)

    BA-ohs-talk@bootstrap.org    (06)

BA-ohs-talk will replace the ohs-dev, ohs-talk, and ohs-lc mailing lists
currently on bootstrap.org.  Existing subscribers won't have to do
anything to subscribe; they have been automatically migrated to the
new list.    (07)

BA-unrev-talk will replace this Yahoo Groups mailing list.
Unfortunately, due to some snafus with the Yahoo Groups system, we are
not able to automatically migrate everyone on unrev-ii to the new
list, so all of you will have to join the new list manually.    (08)

Instructions for subscribing and unsubscribing to the new lists, as
well as links to the archives, are at:    (09)

    http://www.bootstrap.org/lists/    (010)

These new lists are active immediately.  We will expire unrev-ii in a
few weeks.    (011)

Finally, one of the CPC's main goals is to improve the communication
channels between BA and the rest of this community.  The energy,
enthusiasm, and commitment of the Bootstrap community is what has kept
this initiative alive, and we hope to build on that.  In this vein, we
welcome feedback.  Please feel free to e-mail your thoughts, comments,
questions, and ideas to feedback@bootstrap.org.  We may not be able to
respond to every e-mail, but we will read and consider all of your
comments carefully.    (012)

Thanks!    (013)

 Bootstrap Alliance, Core Planning Committee member    (014)

+=== Eugene Eric Kim ===== eekim@eekim.com ===== http://www.eekim.com/ ===+
|       "Writer's block is a fancy term made up by whiners so they        |
+=====  can have an excuse to drink alcohol."  --Steve Martin  ===========+    (015)