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[ba-ohs-talk] Fwd: ACM SIGWEB Hypertext 2002 - Call for Participation

>Sender: "ACM SIGCHI WWW Human Factors (Open Discussion)" <CHI-WEB@ACM.ORG>
>From: "Evan B. Golub" <egolub@UMD5.UMD.EDU>
>Subject:      ACM SIGWEB Hypertext 2002 - Call for Participation
>X-To:         egolub@ACM.ORG
>ACM SIGWEB                                      June 11th - 15th, 2002
>2002 Hypertext Conference                        College Park, MD, USA
> >From online documentation aboard aircraft carriers to distance learning
>degree programs to interactive entertainment, hypertext and hypermedia
>have transformed our world. The foremost international conference on
>hypertext and hypermedia, the International Hypertext conference brings
>together scholars, researchers, and practitioners from a diverse array of
>disciplines--including computing, literature, law, art, medicine,
>business, journalism, philosophy, psychology, and engineering--to consider
>the form, role, and impact of hypertext and hypermedia. Hypertext 2002
>will continue to provide a forum where attendees can exchange and discuss
>ideas on hypermedia, its design and use in a variety of domains, while
>also considering the ability of these technologies to alter the way we
>read, write, argue, learn, exchange information, or entertain ourselves.
>Hypertext 2002 welcomes discussions from designers and users of hypermedia
>applications and works in academia, business, entertainment, and industry.
>Here attendees can discuss all aspects of hypermedia, ranging from
>navigational aids, time, and infrastructures to digital libraries,
>interactive literature, virtual and augmented reality environments,
>gaming, human-computer interaction, software engineering,
>computer-supported collaborative work, and, of course, the World Wide Web.
>Formats for presentation include papers, panels and technical briefings,
>short papers and posters, demonstrations, exhibits, courses, workshops,
>and a doctoral consortium.
>Paper topics include but are not limited to:
>   Interactive games and entertainment
>   Effects of hypermedia on business or industry
>   Experiences with the application of hypermedia
>   Innovative hypertexts and novel uses of hypertext and hypermedia
>   Web-based hypermedia drama
>   Collaborative hypermedia technology and applications
>   Hypermedia in virtual environments and augmented reality environments
>   Hypermedia in fiction, scholarship, and technical writing
>   Hypermedia in education and training
>   Empirical studies and hypermedia evaluation
>   Hypermedia and time: narratives and storyboarding
>   Hypertext rhetoric and criticism
>   Integration and open hypermedia architectures
>   Large-scale distributed hypermedia
>   Structuring hypermedia documents for reading and retrieval
>   Theories, models, architectures, standards, and frameworks
>   Hypermedia user interfaces
>   Object-oriented hypermedia
>   Hypermedia infrastructure technologies
>   Hypermedia middleware and components
>   Hypermedia authoring
>   Hypermedia for the Internet
>Hypertext 2002 Program Committee
>Program Chairs
>   Kenneth M. Anderson, University of Colorado
>   Stuart Moulthrop, University of Baltimore
>Program Committee
>   Mark Bernstein, Eastgate Systems
>   Hugh Davis, University of Southampton
>   Paul De Bra, Eindhoven University of Technology
>   David De Roure, University of Southampton
>   Jane Yellowlees Douglas, University of Florida
>   Kaj Gronbaek, University of Aarhus
>   Joerg Haake, FernUniversitaet Hagen
>   David Hicks, Aalborg University Esbjerg
>   Cathy Marshall, Microsoft
>   Frank Nack, CWI
>   Peter J. Nuernberg, Aalborg University Esbjerg
>   Siegfried Reich, Salzburg Research
>   Jim Rosenberg
>   Frank Shipman, Texas A&M University
>   E. James Whitehead, University of California, Santa Cruz
>   Uffe Wiil, Aalborg University Esbjerg
>Important Dates
>   Papers
>     Papers due January 3rd, 2002
>     Notification of acceptance March 15th, 2002
>     Camera-ready copy due  April 15th, 2002
>   Tutorials
>     Proposals due  January 15th, 2002
>     Notification of acceptance  January 30th, 2002
>   Workshops
>     Proposals due  January 3rd, 2002
>     Notification of acceptance  March 15th, 2002
>   Doctoral Consortium
>     Submissions due March 10th, 2002
>     Notification of acceptance  March 31st, 2002
>   Panels
>     Proposals due  January 3rd, 2002
>     Notification of acceptance  March 15th, 2002
>   Demos and Posters
>     Due dates and notification  TBA
>PDF Version of Call for Participation available at:
>         http://www.cs.umd.edu/ht02/ht02.pdf
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