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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Askemos -- Grove-like operating system

And look at the related projects page too
http://www.askemos.org:7081/Askemos/RelatedProjects    (01)

Very simillar in design goals. Active in 11-2001
Jitrix: http://www.jtrix.org/
Probably the second most simillar projects on the way. Needs investigation.
XNS: http://www.xns.org and http://openprivacy.org/
At lot of design work to draw from. Aparently less code?
Oxygen: http://www.oxygen.lcs.mit.edu
similar goals in the long run. Much larger scope.
one.world: http://one.cs.washington.edu/tutorial/counter.html
Looks somehow simillar. Lot's of pointers. I need some time to look into
(which I'm not gonna have soon) and I would not want to write that much code
just for a counter. ;-)
Vapour: http://vapour.sourceforge.net/
Simillar system design see AskemosHLD. No public release and seems to be
dead by 11-2001
FramerD: http://www.framerd.org
similar analytical goals; has been tried in a prototype and proved a
structural match (not hierarchical). Development state too much alpha,
moving target, too slow.
a java servlet / scheme server bearing minor similarities
same script programming language, simillar processing model
Zope: http://www.zope.org
an application server, which almost became the code base but it has
structural issues which made that infeasible.
xmlblaster: http://www.xmlblaster.org
similar model, about the same speed.
Charlie: http://www.gingerall.com/charlie-bin/get/webGA/act/charlie.act
Both the black box view and the way it works intrnally are similar (judged
from the description on the web pages), except that's a proxy only (we can
do that too, our server contains a http client).
<bigwig>: http://www.brics.dk/bigwig/
similar for web programming (judged from first web page) except that it
defines a proprietary language, which might be useful.    (02)

Peter    (03)

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Subject: [ba-ohs-talk] Askemos -- Grove-like operating system    (04)

> http://www.askemos.org/
> GPL  C and Scheme
> "The Askemos server is an autonomous, distributed operating system on top
> of peer to peer networks which significantly raises the level of
> abstraction in comparison with today's operating systems. It can also be
> understood as an XML object database with stored procedures in XSLT.
> Askemos features a virtual machine at document level, an access control
> system modelled after general key systems, persistant processes and
> implicit parallelism."
> When you start to surf this web site, it turns into a Wiki.  After a lot
> roaming about, I find links to a variety of very interesting places,
> including the xml.com tutorial on Groves.
> The system is designed to operate in a P2P environment.
>  From the high level design document:
> "- Root less object network model. - Persistent data. - Not data specific,
> XML optimized. - Flexible name space management. - Object autonomy. - ACID
> transactions. - Simple messaging concept. - Any extension language
> feasible. - Lightweight threads at my fingertip. - The sheer concept of a
> dead lock is a bug altogether. - Many network protocols supported. - API
> for backing store adaptors supporting freenet, gnutella etc. - Distributed
> Virtual Machine (DVM). - A frame work for object to sustain at least 15
> years. - Something for document management as Perl is for tasks like
> administration. Would have to be sort of an application server, but none
> could deliver the needed features. - Few dependencies, small footprint."
> I'd say there is much to be learnt by roaming this site.  Particularly for
> those who want to discuss NODAL, Groves, and so forth.
> Jack
>    (05)