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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] DKR Progress, backlink database data

On Sun, 9 Dec 2001, Peter  Jones wrote:    (01)

> > Question: when do links need context?
> Um, not sure. But a little descriptive metadata can go a long way in
> interaction -- crucially, to aid lookahead. If it's in a standard format it
> goes further in enabling more interesting forms of interaction to be built
> in. But again, lots of limiting choices have to be made.
> 'Lookahead' is the key word for me.    (02)

I agree.    (03)

Augment links have the following metadata:    (04)

    - from node
    - to node
    - link author
    - creation date
    - viewspec    (05)

I don't know how Augment implements link types, but I know it supports
them.    (06)

Our backlink database should support at least this set of metadata.  We'll
have to experiment to decide on other link context.  Alon Schwartz's
BrowseUp link database stores all sorts of metadata, including thumbnails
of the web pages being linked.  I don't know if we should go that far, but
again, everything is worthy of experimentation.    (07)

-Eugene    (08)

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