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[ba-ohs-talk] Welcome TAG participants

Greetings,    (01)

I would like to welcome and congratulate the newly elected/selected
participants of the W3C Technical Architecutre Group
<http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/>.  As an interested observer of the growing
range of commercial and open source collaborative software and a
developer, I share the interests of this working group in helping
clarify the underlying principles of Web architecture and their
effective dissemination.      (02)

One of my personal and career goals is to help facilitate the effective
use of Web and IT technologies in the pursuit of solving complex, urgent
problem sets.  I look forward to participating and learning from this
group during the discussions that follow.    (03)

Cheers,    (04)

-- Grant Bowman                                   <grantbow@svpal.org>
--              <http://www.svpal.org/~grantbow/>    (05)