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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] A constructivist learning environment

If I can say this before Rod Welch of SDS fame reminds us, I already talked 
about the Pask models at http://www.bootstrap.org/dkr/discussion/0900.html 
(but, from a slightly different perspective, I might add!).    (01)

Google is my friend!  Oh, to have an SDS on my desktop...    (02)

Jack    (03)

At 07:52 AM 12/12/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>"This series of slides offers a representation of the Pask model, known as 
>conversation theory. It begins with an explanation of my own symbol system 
>which I use in lieu of Pasks own unique (and oblique) symbol system. 
>Through conversation we construct knowledge, filter it, discover our 
>differences and strive toward mutual understanding. Mutually agreed-upon 
>concepts become community assets. "
>This site uses diagrams composed of what electronic engineers call "op 
>amps" -- operational amplifiers.  An op amp has two inputs and one 
>output.  One input tends to drive the output (amplified) and the other 
>input tends to inhibit the output.  A lot of "neural net" learning devices 
>have been modeled with op amps.  Think of the feedback between your mouth 
>and your ear.  Your brain serves as both a source to drive your vocal 
>chords to emit sound through your mouth, and as an op amp to note feedback 
>by way of your ear to control the level of sound emitted.  At this web 
>site, that notion has been used to describe all sorts of conversations.
>Jack    (04)