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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] TouchGraph used on backlink DB

> With help from Peter and Alex, I managed to get Peter's visualization
> using Alex's TouchGraph up and running.  The results are at:
>     http://www.eekim.com/ohs/backlinks/GraphLayout.html
> I used the hack that Alex suggested to shrink the names of the originating
> URLs, and I added my own hack so that the applet loaded backlinks.txt from
> the web:    (01)

I really like this as a (2D) starting point to try and show origins 
and connections. Since one level of information can be 
obtained by simply seeing the graph structure, independent 
from its 'content', how about the one view using a very simple 
compact shape for each node, then expand it to the full uri 
when you touch the node. 
This would help make the connection paths more visable 
and the graph structure visually comprehensible, and may help 
in locating an important link. 
Best Regards, 
Joe    (02)