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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] TouchGraph used on backlink DB

At 12:48 AM 12/17/01 -0800, you wrote:
>On Sat, 15 Dec 2001, Peter  Jones wrote:
> > Yes, good idea. I was heading there next. ;-)
>With help from Peter and Alex, I managed to get Peter's visualization
>using Alex's TouchGraph up and running.  The results are at:
>     http://www.eekim.com/ohs/backlinks/GraphLayout.html    (01)

Interesting.  It's unfortunate that the link nodes are not connected enough 
for the graph to hold together without the central node.    (02)

The best view that I was able to get was by waiting for the graph to stop, 
which takes about thirty seconds, and then to zoom in.  After zooming in, 
you see that the graph structure is actually more complicated then it 
appeared at first.    (03)

Also, I wish that Joe Williams suggestion of displaying the nodes as 
compact shapes and expanding them to show their content was easily 
implementable, but unfortunately the current version of the code makes this 
a non-trivial task... Then again, I guess that a little messing with the 
Node class could set the node not to display the string unless the mouse 
was over it.    (04)

>My original vision for this backlink data -- which I have yet to implement
>-- was to have three HTML frames: a side pane, a bottom frame, and a main
>frame.  The side pane lists all of the to-links; the bottom the
>back-links; and the main the actual web page.  In other words, every time
>you viewed a web page that was linked from an e-mail, the back-links would
>be visible from the bottom pane.  When I get some time, I'll do it, but I
>hope others will follow Peter's initiative, and beat me to the punch!
>-Eugene    (05)

This is actually a pretty useful idea.  It would not be that hard to do 
either, my limited experience tells me that some small amount of php code 
could produce the three frames with the appropriate url's for each link.    (06)

I wonder if there is some way of combining this with D3E.  Maybe the posts 
from the ba-ohs-talk list could be passed in to reconstruct the threaded 
discussion within D3E.  If a link was mentioned on separate occasions, then 
those posts could both be placed at the root level in the D3E 
discussion.  backlinks could be added in a separate frame.  In fact, D3E is 
opensourced, so it making these changes, or at least leveraging D3E to 
perform the original task would probably be a good idea.    (07)

--Alex    (08)

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