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RE: [ba-ohs-talk] bootstrap list message content & purple numbers

Uh oh.  It sounds like we're trying to cram three values into one binary
digit.  Please be careful about overloading the purple-number semantics,
especially now that I think I understand it (thanks to Eugene Kim's creation
of them).    (01)

The use of a purple number to create a copyable and clippable shortcut to
the passage *in situ* is extremely valuable.  So I think a purple number
should always have a link to itself in the document in which the number
itself is imbedded.    (02)

To preserve that invariant, it looks like the purple number of a quotation
(transcluded or otherwise) is always part of the purple-numbering of the
article containing the quotation, and has nothing to do with how the quoted
material is identified in its source article.    (03)

I recommend that linking to the source of the quotation be kept orthogonal.
The text of the link can be quite different than the URL of the link, and
figuring that out should be challenging.  Obviously, if the quoted passage
is purple-numbered at the source article, arriving at the URL just became
easy.  The text of the link remains problematical.    (04)

I'm not sure that a *real*OHS* is the silver bullet that disappears this
problem.  An OHS needs to provide for it, and it looks like we're in a place
where it can be addressed.    (05)

-- Dennis    (06)

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On Fri, 14 Dec 2001, Peter  Jones wrote:    (08)

[ ... ]    (09)

>From an OHS context, quoted text is, or should be, a transclusion.  So the
purple numbers in the quoted text should be the purple numbers from the
original text.    (010)

[ ... ]    (011)

If the world had a real OHS, this wouldn't be a problem.  But for now,
we're trying to add OHS-like features on top of the Web, and so we're
faced with issues like these.    (012)

-Eugene    (013)

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