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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Using Java in XSLT

At 2001-12-27 11:45 -0700, Tom Bradford wrote:
>I think that the use of XSLT will diminish quite a bit when XQuery
>implementations become more common.  The document people will stick with
>XSLT, but the data people will gravitate toward XQuery.    (01)

I think the breakdown will be split differently.    (02)

I think the use of XSLT for "pull-oriented" transformations will not only 
diminish, but probably disappear with XQuery, but that XQuery will not 
accommodate the "push-oriented" transformations that are sometimes required.    (03)

Granted, document people more often need push-oriented solutions than data 
people, and data people can use pull-oriented for most of their work ... so 
the end result is as you say, but not for the nature of the data, but the 
nature of how the data is processed.    (04)

..................... Ken    (05)

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