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[ba-ohs-talk] UK Government and Open Source Software

"Open Source Software (OSS) is software whose source code is openly 
published, which is usually available at no charge, and which is often 
developed by voluntary efforts. This paper examines how the OSS movement 
could impact the UK Government's policy towards the worldwide market in 
software infrastructure and software applications . "    (01)

and a request for comment:
"This document which is in draft form, sets out a more embracing policy on 
the use of open source software within government. More information on the 
impact of open source software can be found in the QinetiQ Report    (02)

This consultation period will end on 12 Mar 02"    (03)

Both documents are available in either Word or PDF formats.    (04)

This strikes me as an important activity.    (05)

Happy New Year!
Jack    (06)