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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Excellent methodology book

"Garold (Gary) L. Johnson" wrote:    (01)

> ....
> These ideas have some disturbing implications for the current model of
> how software is developed and for the creation of collaboration tools
> in general. He makes the issues of tacit knowledge even more important
> in that he sees tacit knowledge as not only impossible to avoid but as
> a major tool in the effective collaboration required to develop
> software.
Excellent review, Garold.    (02)

Can you outline what you see as the "disturbing implications" for the
current model?
Actually, I'm not even sure what the "current model" is, these days --
the waterfall
model has been discredited for quite a while now, as far as I can tell.
incremental development seems to be the replacement, but I'm not sure
how well
it has taken hold.    (03)