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[ba-ohs-talk] XML "Grove"

No, it's not a Grove engine of the SGML variety cast in XML.
Rather, it's an interesting set of XSLT files that take an XML document and 
display its document tree as a "tree" rendered in SVG.
http://www.jeffsouthard.com/demos/grove/index.html    (01)

"The XML Grove is a demonstration of XML, XLST and SVG. The grove is a 
collection of XML trees. An XSL Transform generates a SVG-based 
visualization of each XML document tree as...a tree.
       Element nodes are branches.
       Attribute nodes are leaves.
       Text nodes are fruit.
Visitors tour the grove and inspect the trees. Each part of the tree is 
"hot." On rollover, it shows it's corresponding node value."    (02)

It will require the latest Adobe SVG plugin.    (03)

This is an illustration of making active SVG graph nodes from an XML 
document with XSLT.    (04)

Pretty cool!
Jack    (05)