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[ba-ohs-talk] A Virtual File System

http://witme.sourceforge.net/libferris.web/about.html    (01)

libFerriss  C++ GPL
"In non technical terms, libferris makes the file system and other 
hierarchical storage systems easier to use.
For the geeks out there, libferris is a virtual file system (VFS) that runs 
in the user address space. At the moment libferris is a shared object that 
each application can dynamically link to in order to see the file system 
through a nicer abstraction.
Ferris will automatically mount sub file systems for you. Examples of a sub 
file system include a Berkeley database or XML file. For example it is 
possible to read a context such as /tmp/myxml.xml/mynode. Using this 
automatic mounting the differences between storage formats effectively 
disappear. To a ferris enabled application loading data from a native disk 
file, a Berkeley database, and XML file, or mbox file appear to be the 
same. This allows the user of the application to choose the correct storage 
for the data at hand. "    (02)

The concepts behind this project could easily abstract out to other systems.    (03)