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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Augment & "The Ingenuity Gap"

Thank You Henry, and Frode,    (01)

http://www.fleabyte.org/#58    (02)

Of course I would get to here:
http://www.liquid.org/ohs/ohs_thought_vs_word_proc.html    (03)

then from here:
http://Web3dSymposium.org/papers    (04)

to something like this:    (05)

"A Data Model and Architecture for Hypermedia Database Visualization
Robert Steven Owor    (06)

In this paper, a proposal is made for a data model and architecture  which
facilitates the use of a 3D graphical user interface to navigate and query
hypermedia and database systems. Currently there exist no integrated virtual
environments that combine the visual strength of 3D, with the powerful query
features of databases and the navigation flexibility of hypermedia systems.
A model and architecture in which hyperlinks are treated as data relationships
(which can be normalized)  embedded with data manipulation and programmable 3D
interfaces is presented. The model is based on a combination of object oriented
databases and VRML as the 3D interface. "    (07)

I haven't seen this work in particular, but I know that
3D will be better than 2D for some levels of
visualization/delivery and interaction.
That's what is needed for the relationship diagrams we have
seen so far from this list - where's the z-axis?    (08)

http://www.web3d.org/TaskGroups/source/xj3d.html    (09)

Thank You and Best Regards,
Joe    (010)