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[ba-ohs-talk] 2002 PhD on Compendium (Knowledge Media Institute, Open U., UK)

Dear IBIS/VIMS/Dialog Mapping/Compendium colleagues(!)    (01)

[with apologies to those of you on >1 of the above groups]    (02)

One of the PhD projects available is to work on some aspect of the 
IBIS/VIMS/Dialog Mapping-related Compendium method and toolset:    (03)

    http://kmi.open.ac.uk/news/compendium2002.html    (04)

I am particularly interested in people with interest - and ideally 
experience - in meeting facilitation/group dynamics (virtual or 
co-present meetings), so that we can study the human dynamics of 
Compendium in various contexts.    (05)

However, I am also keen to hear from Java developers with a vision of 
how to advance the state of the art.    (06)

Please get in touch ASAP to discuss if interested - these 
studentships are highly competitive.    (07)

Cheers,    (08)

Simon    (09)