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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Learning Groove

Lessee now, menu items are non-functional under Opera 6.1, and only supported OSes come from a crowd of convicted monopolists. I'll pass, thanks.
Malcolm Dean
Los Angeles
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Thanks for the message.
If you wish to join a Groove community, see below.
Community Collaboration Technology

The KM Cluster uses Groove 1.3 for community collaboration. Features include calendars, file sharing, discussion, and chat.

If you don't have Groove, you can download it from Groove 1.3 Download. It's free, elegant and powerful.

Once you establish your free Groove account, please send a message to contact "KMCluster" from Groove requesting an invitation to the KM Cluster Shared Spaces:

Summer 2002

Spring 2002

BrainTrust 2002


John Maloney
Email: jtmalone@pacbell.net

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A chance to get some experience with Groove: