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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Co-authoring [was: Learning Groove]

Much appreciated, Murray.    (01)

I have a few things on my plate this day, but I like to give this a try.    (02)

Basically, I have a contributor who supplied a lot of material over time. There is
a lot of duplication in it. The aim is to extract from this concise information
and turn it into an article. All this could be done by emailing back and forth,
but it would seem that a fair amount of the job is easier done by working together
in real-time; the parts where you decide what is in, what is out. So you want to
share a couple of windows (for original material, for clippings from it, maybe for
a listing, and have a conversation window; perhaps with a way of tabbing back and
forth between them so that you don't work within tiny windows). I have some
difficulty with top-down thinking for operations like this. I guess that as soon
as you use it you want to improve it, but I imagine that what I have described is
close.    (03)

I'll see if I can give a better answer.    (04)

Henry    (05)

Murray Altheim wrote:    (06)

> Henry K van Eyken wrote:
> > Thanks, Mark.
> >
> > Also http://www.javaworld.com/javaworld/jw-07-2001/jw-0713-iw-ptop_p.html
> > which contains some caveats about privacy issues with Groove.
> >
> > The assumption that all parties have the same underlying platform is a slap
> > in the users' faces. But then, I also understand that a considerable amount
> > of MS money has gone into Groove. As they say, "He who pays the piper ...."
> >
> > Maybe, from his contacts,  John can answer the question about how well
> > Groove functions with W4L, the cheaper version of VMLinux. (I assume there
> > is an equivalent for these types of "emulators" for Mac's OS in which case a
> > similar question must be asked.)
> >
> > The obvious answer to my initial question about whether someone is working
> > on an alternative  is, of course, the OHS, but it would be nice to have
> > something pending its arrival. For an operation ike Fleabyte it would be
> > nice to have an efficient, nofuss, no muss tool for co-authoring - actually,
> > ithere is a growing need for it at this point.
> Henry,
> Would you be willing to cut and paste from the OHS requirements
> document (making additions as necessary) to create a rough set
> of requirements for what you see as a co-authoring tool? I'm
> assuming the requirements have some sort of Venn overlap with
> a HyperScope, OHS, or some other published set of concepts, but
> perhaps it's a smaller-enough subset that we could work on it.
> (I'm currently building up some of the editing facilities in
> Ceryle, for example, so it might play a part).
> Murray
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