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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] new version of graph model paper posted

Murray Altheim wrote:    (01)

> I think this simplifies the reading process quite a bit. We may be
> *able* to read in one dimension (ie., via a tickertape or DOW Jones
> scrolling text) but a typical reading of a document includes a lot
> more presentational information that provides context to the reader,
> regardless of whether there is font size, weight, face or color
> information present. For example, placement on the page and white
> space is very important in delineating content types. Titles,
> headers and footers, indenting and paragraph breaks, all these
> things are included in almost any document type in order to assist
> the reader in maintaining continuity, scannability, etc.
> For example, if I were to normalize the whitespace of this message
> (including the mail header) and remove the paragraph breaks, the
> ability to understand the flow of my ideas, where one subject ended
> and the next began, would be compromised. I don't think of even
> plain text documents as one dimensional, and really don't think
> n-dimensional characterizations of media are particularly accurate
> or useful, except in a relative sense (ie., this one is richer than
> that one, etc.)    (02)

Totally agree.    (03)

Over-simplifcation is the occupational hazard of the writer, and at
the same time the operational methodology I use when designing.
It's a double-edged sword...
:_)    (04)