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[ba-ohs-talk] Re: **** Instant Outlining !!! ***

Mark Szpakowski wrote:    (01)

> Jon Udell's article on Instant outlining, at
> http://www.oreillynet.com/lpt/a//webservices/2002/04/01/outlining.html
> deserves attention.
> Instant Outlining is a technology being developed, and used, by Dave
> Winer's Radio Userland group. It allows people to subscribe to each
> others' outlines. Instant outlining:
> - is like Instant Messaging, in that nodes (messages) can be shared with
>    buddies subscribing to them;
> - is like e-mail, in that persistent messages are shared between people;
> - and is like blogging, in that you get a narrative of ideas.    (02)

YeeeeEEESSSSS!!!!!!    (03)

Great find, Mark.    (04)

  "The price, which had been rumored to be up to $1000,
   turned out to be $0.    (05)

  "Communication in this environment is by invitation only, and two-way
   communication requires mutual invitation. Sayonara to spam.    (06)

  "Transcluding content in this way is a long-overdue feature of the Web.
   What's especially stunning, though, is that the feature is here woven into    (07)

   an authoring tool that aims to replace email as the primary mode of
   communication in closely-knit collaborative teams.    (08)

  "We've been using this tool since November....When we switched over
    our workgroup productivity soared....We've gotten very formal about
    how we use it. I can't imagine an engineering project without this tool.    (09)

  "There are also many things missing from this software, notably the
    unread-message-tracking and WYSIWYG-hypertext-authoring
    features that made Netscape Collabra so useful to me. But these
    omissions are all easily correctable.    (010)

  "It's been clear to me for a long while that the only thing that might
   displace email would be some kind of persistent IM. That's exactly
   what instant outlining is. If it catches on, and it's buzz-worthy enough
   to do that, we'll have a framework within which to innovate in ways
   that email never allowed.    (011)

  "perhaps in this medium we can finally bootstrap software that
   encourages and supports best practices. I'm keeping my fingers
   crossed.    (012)