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RE: [ba-ohs-talk] Keyword Indexing to Improve Email and IT

Mark,    (01)

I like it!    (02)

It would be nice if applets like this were available as on an ad hoc basis,
to be used depending on the nature of the content, the audience, the author,
etc.    (03)

Another example of 100% user control is the attaching of the 'reply-to'
message. While not indexed, it does provide some continued context,
particularly in a temporal sense. I know it can also be a real nuisance.    (04)

So far, email is this generation's 'killer app' and needs to be a major
plank in any OHS architecture or platform.    (05)

Most all groupware/KM vendors are grudgingly accepting this notion and
building sophisticated 'on-ramps' to all manner of email hybrids.    (06)

IM is on the near horizon, and needs to be on the radar of content
management experts in order to assure these exchanges are captured and
maximized.    (07)

(IM is older than email, by the way. It is becoming socialized in the
corporation gradually and in society more quickly.)    (08)

For example, IM is pervasive within the entire Groove Networks tool
inventory and across its UI. Of course, it is possible to capture and save
all exchanges in a Shared Space for future invitations, archival and reuse.
It enables containered context and collaboration, free from all the dross of
the day and maximizing and managing the scarcest resource known: attention.    (09)

Cheers,    (010)

John    (011)

John Maloney
Email: jtmalone@pacbell.net    (012)

IM:jheuristic    (013)

Create the Future! Join the KM Cluster --
http://www.kmcluster.com/register.htm    (014)

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On Monday, April 22, 2002, at 12:19 AM, N. Carroll wrote:
> John,
>> Getting people to add keywords is a huge stretch.
> That depends on one's command of interface and knowledge
> of user psychology as much as it does the nature of the users.    (016)

It seems to me that the best approach to adding metadata to e-mail or to
other information items is to provide highly handy tools that can be
nudged by people. Ie, bits of AI type routines and agents, but more
importantly the ability to really quickly, easily, and effortlessly work
with these, guiding them. Maybe this is obvious: symbiotic rather than
artificial intelligence.    (017)

So as you say, "much depends on one's command of interface".    (018)

Actually, a very simple example of this is the process of creating an
e-mail header for a message: 100% user-driven. But when someone replies,
the RE:<original message header> header is automatically composed (if
you're into PR, you can call that routine an agent :-). Then, simple
mail clients can sort by subject and organize threads, driven by users
clicking on column headers.    (019)

I'm assuming, by the way, that unrev e-mails are redistributed to the
subscription list, which include's Eugene's program to stamp purple
numbers on them. If they hit Eugene's program first, and _then_ got
redistributed, we could gradually start receiving richer versions of the
e-mail items in our own mailboxes, For starters, arriving with the URI
of message in the archive. I could then easily grab and feed that to my
personal information husbandry routines.    (020)

Mark    (021)