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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Keyword Indexing

[archive_access.practical]    (01)

On Fri, 26 Apr 2002, Murray Altheim wrote:    (02)

> But a more meta question is: what exactly are the requirements, and
> what are the benefits? Couldn't all this be done server-side on the
> mail list archives, such that if one wanted to browse the archives
> an intelligent search could remove the need for most of the effort?    (03)

Perhaps, but who is going to do that setup work? I'm sure there are
plenty of people here (I'm one) who would do it given the
opportunity and support, but where would that support come from?
It's not a simple task.    (04)

> There's a CMU system I used at NTTC that
> could analyze a text and come up with a set of keywords for it. I'd
> prefer we leave this kind of thing to computers (which are in general
> pretty good at it, especially on longer texts).    (05)

Mail messages are considered "dirty" by most of the language
processing people I've talked to. A special challenge. Do you
have a point to that tool (if it is available to the rest of the
world)?    (06)

> Not to be *too* much of a spoil-sport.    (07)

If we all agreed we wouldn't get anywhere.    (08)

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