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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Bootstrap and Licensing

> this forum. Fortunately, there are others who seem
> to somehow find the
> time for open source work. I hope the licensing
> issues can be resolved
> so
> they can jump into the fray.    (01)

I like the idea of the TAO, and the ZEN, the direct
experience of the thing, the inabilty to express in
words, the deepness of the interaction between the
mind and the subject of the thought.    (02)

expressed in the motto of the Dynamo Open Air Festival    (03)

"Those who know cannot explain,
those who dont cannot understand"    (04)

I am involved in the DotGNU pnet compiler development,
and am very impressed with Rhys Weatherby,
he just hack and hacks away. Not too many emails,
ideas, just code, code and more code.    (05)

I like the idea of literate programming, your design
is your doc, your doc is your diagram, your diagram is
your code.     (06)

Code is a message to a compiler, but the compiler is
written by a person, so it is a message to the
compiler writer as to how to translate and deal with
your idea.    (07)

Problem is that you have so many peoples ideas in so
many different systems and you have to talk in so many
file formats to write a program.     (08)

Even if you have each of these as a separate files,
a common linking mechanism, and a common browser would
allow you to cross reference your different parts of
your program togethers.     (09)

That is what I hope to gain from working on the OHS, a
human framework for intergrating the human side of the    (010)

introspector.    (011)

Here is an example session : 
Click on the name and find functions, oh, what are the
parts of the name, what do they mean, concept browse
them, ahhhh.. thats what a thunk is, .... How is this
data type used... I see... all these users? 
Graph that in a new window ..
Now who uses them, add a new level to that graph...
All called by this one function!
Who wrote it? Home page? Email?  And what about
messages related to this function? CVS logs on this
line for code? I see only three authors ever changed
it. Let me send them a mail.
</SAMPLE>    (012)

kind of a stream of consiousness type idea, you know?    (013)

mike    (014)

James Michael DuPont    (015)

Do You Yahoo!?
LAUNCH - Your Yahoo! Music Experience
http://launch.yahoo.com    (016)