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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Bootstrap and Licensing

James Michael DuPont wrote:    (01)

> ...the content of the system is not affected by
> the license of the core code. You might want to
> provide a LGPL lib to allow for the creation of custom
> applications.
> ....
> So there are still many ways (both good and bad) for
> creating non-free all-for-profit derived works using
> an OHS.
> I hope that you found that interesting.    (02)

I find it fascinating. There could be a whole range of
companies geared up to solve specific problems, all
using the underlying tecnology.    (03)

Systems could be aimed at solving development problems,
legal problems, financial problems, auto repair problems,
... the list goes on and on.    (04)

I'd love to see something like that happen, with at least
one service aimed at developers being totally free....    (05)