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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Bootstrap and Licensing

As I might have said before, I am interesting in
creating some form of repository of program code, but
converted into a OHS type system.     (01)

Specifically the gcc code because of the mass of
available public information and it's inherit ability
to bootstrap itself is quite interesting.    (02)

This would give the ability to access, xref and
annotate the sourcecode of a project.
To tie in the cvs logs, mailling lists and
documentation into one huge hypertext repository.    (03)

We would have to be able to import and index many
different types of information.    (04)

Even coredumps provide information about what types of
errors occur in what functions.     (05)

Given this mass of information, a browser would be
great the tools to visualize and query are needed.    (06)

> for an OHS to operate on, Fleabyte is being
> developed to become a
> _dynamic_ knowledge repository to be worked on (i.e.
> substance brought
> closer to the frontiers) by means of an OHS.
Can you provide some links on this?    (07)

> its boundaries of interest. A challenge for the
> relevant OHS is how to
> select and allow parties - democratically! - to
> shape the content,
Well one idea that I like is that of the freenet,
pages not used just die off. The data is replicated
across a P2P net as needed. Everyone contributes
bandwith as they see fit.    (08)

Mike    (09)

James Michael DuPont    (010)

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