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[ba-ohs-talk] What's a HyperScope?

I don't really understand it, so I'm hoping someone
will explain it to me. Gently. Slowly.    (01)

In the meantime, all you hackers out there should
know: That's the specification.    (02)

It's the only one we've got, so go forth and multiply.    (03)

Meanwhile, will the powers that be please resolve
the licensing issues so the hacker guys can start
contributing code.    (04)

Maybe when I use it I'll understand it, and then
I'll change my mind and like it.    (05)

In the meantime, *anything* is a step forward.
It's like we're in a circle with our backs to one
another. Any direction we choose becomes "forward",
so let's go with the HyperScope.    (06)

What is it, anyway??    (07)