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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] OHS/DKR Design for KM and Licensing

Just wanted to check before pressing further. Is there some particular
functionality you have in mind which would be difficult to implement in a
RESTful way with HTTP+WebDAV, Jabber, or JXTA?
Kevin Keck
keck@kecklabs.com    (01)

on 2002/06/06 11:19 AM, Jack Park at jackpark@thinkalong.com wrote:    (02)

> I don't think any correction is needed. You have just offered a different,
> and valuable world view to the discussion.
> Jack
> At 10:40 AM 6/6/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>> Doesn't sound very RESTful (Jack posted a blurb about REST 2002/02/21:
>> http://www.bootstrap.org/lists/ba-ohs-talk/0202/msg00105.html).
>> As long as resources have URIs, you can (almost) completely ignore
>> transport. I think what's needed most isn't new transport APIs (of which we
>> already have too many redundant ones) but new "services"/middleware (like
>> Wiki) which are built on URIs.
>> Please correct me if I misunderstood you.
>> --
>> Kevin Keck
>> keck@kecklabs.com
>> on 2002/06/05 8:31 PM, Jack Park at jackpark@thinkalong.com wrote:
>>> [...]
>>> I ought to say something about the relationships between various thought
>>> streams and the visible project Nexist.  Nexist is about to get its own
>>> home page at http://www.nexist.org (don't go there any time soon, the
>>> server is sitting on the desk next to me right now).  Nexist was, is, and
>>> will always be an engineering prototype with which various strategies for
>>> wiring up communicating agents can be developed. The goal there is to find
>>> an API that allows this to happen; I have said here many times in the past
>>> that what a proper OHS needs is some sort of API (or maybe collection of
>>> them) such that developers have something to develop against as they add
>>> value to the project.  I'm not quite sure on this but I think that
>>> r-objects.com either has such an API or is close to one for Pepper.  I
>>> think that to be a valuable notion for the onset of any OHS evolutionary
>>> process.
>>> [...]
>>> In my view, information transport, which couples all agents operating in an
>>> OHS environment, is the proper place to be looking for publishable APIs.
>     (03)