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[ba-ohs-talk] Economics of Management Enable Culture of Knowledge

John,    (01)

Thanks for your letter on June 27, shown below, announcing a seminar
where Mark Clare will develop ROI calculations for KM.  This can be a
powerful enabling force that provides timely guidance to strengthen
wider economy, as further set out in my letter to you....    (02)

http://www.welchco.com/04/00070/61/02/07/0801.HTM#0001    (03)

Good luck with the conference.    (04)

Thanks.    (05)

Rod    (06)

*************    (07)

announce@gkec.org wrote:
> The Global Knowledge Economics Council (GKEC) invites you to "The
> Knowledge Economics Summit"  sponsored by the GKEC and the Knowledge
> Management ClusterŪ
> The Knowledge Economics Summit will be Monday and Tuesday, July 29/30,
> 2002 in San Francisco, California USA, from 8am-5pm.
> http://www.kmcluster.com/kes/
> The Knowledge Economics Summit is the first event of its kind to combine
> the twin disciplines of "Value-based Knowledge Management" and
> "Economics-based Knowledge Management" into an efficient, two-day,
> interactive workshop.
> This event is an important milestones in the ascendancy of knowledge
> management and enterprise collaboration. It will be instrumental in
> establishing KM, enterprise collaboration and communities as key financial
> drivers and competitive differentiators for the enterprise.
> This workshop will allow you to articulate to top management, boards,
> shareholders and investors the stunning financial advantages and lasting
> value of your knowledge management and enterprise collaboration
> initiatives.
> The methods and techniques you will take away from this event will allow
> you to capture the attention of your top management in order to win
> sponsorship and lead excellence in KM and enterprise collaboration.
> You will learn proven techniques to build powerful cases for your KM
> initiatives using the language and techniques of business economics and
> corporate finance.
> The Knowledge Economics Summit is not a discussion of management fads or
> philosophy. It is a hands-on workshop to equip you with the tools and
> abilities to understand and drive the financial benefits and value of
> knowledge management and enterprise collaboration. You will learn how to
> use KM, collaboration and community to drive top-line growth and
> bottom-line efficiencies for the enterprise.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------
> Benefits
> The Knowledge Economics Summit will give you the tools to propel knowledge
> management and enterprise collaboration onto the enterprise agenda. It
> will enable you to rationalize and lead a robust knowledge strategy for
> your firm.
> Many KM and enterprise collaboration initiatives are challenged. They
> languish from lack of awareness, poor measurement and misunderstood
> financial benefits.
> The Knowledge Economics Summit will allow you to answer the fundamental
> question -- What are the financial advantages, benefits and shareholder
> value created by your knowledge management and enterprise collaboration
> strategies, initiatives and technology deployments?
> The hands-on Knowledge Economics Summit will give you the tools and
> techniques to allow you to achieve the following goals and objectives for
> your organization, clients and customers:
> o Learn/use applied tools and techniques for Value-based Knowledge
> Management
> o Fundamentally and permanantly reform financial management techniques for
> knowledge management, enterprise collaboration and business communities
> o Develop hard financial and systems level models to evaluate and select
> KM and collaboration technologies
> o Use corporate finance and economic techniques to show the
> mission-critical nature of KM and enterprise collaboration
> o Displace ineffective information systems investment with effective
> financial leadership of knowledge-based initiatives
> o Arrive at a common definition and vocabulary for Value-based Knowledge
> Management and Knowledge Economics
> o Identify resources and opinion leaders in Knowledge Economics
> o Interact with your peer group to share and diffuse KM innovations and
> models
> The main thrust of the Knowledge Economics Summit occurs at the
> intersection of leadership, practice and research.
> By design and necessity, the Knowledge Economic Summit triangulates
> business leadership, knowledge management practice and leading academic
> research. The result is practical, relevant and immediate application to
> business.
> You will take away turnkey tools, methods, templates, formulas, techniques
> and concepts to immediately and effectively apply in your day-to-day
> activities and longer term KM planning initiatives.
> Knowledge Economics Summit Event Web
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------
> Logistics and Registration
> The Knowledge Economics Summit will be Monday and Tuesday, July 29/30,
> 2002 in San Francisco, California USA, from 8am-5pm.
> The venue is:
> The California Room
> Mark Hopkins Inter-Continental Hotel
> Number One Nob Hill, 999 California Street
> San Francisco, California 94108 USA
> Tel: +1 415 392 3434, Fax: +1 415 421 3302
> E-mail: SanFrancisco@interconti.com
> Secure, online registration is required. This event will reach capacity
> quickly. Tuition covers event costs, including materials, refreshments,
> meals, equipment and related expenses.
> Knowledge Economics Summit Secure Online Registration
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------
> The KM Cluster Knowledge Economics Summit is open to all. Pre-registration
> online is required. Unlike expensive mega-conferences and hype-fueled
> vendor seminars, participation is keep small to maximize productive
> interactions.
> All participants are identified. Follow-up interaction and ongoing
> collaboration among participants and event leaders is encouraged and
> commonplace.
> For secure, online registration visit:
> https://www.kmcluster.com/secureorderform.htm
> Sincerely,
> Edward Swanstrom
> Secretary-General
> Global Knowledge Economics Council
> http://www.gkec.org
> edward-swanstrom@gkec.org
> John Maloney
> www.kmcluster.com/kes
> jmaloney@kmcluster.com
> Knowledge Management Cluster
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