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[ba-ohs-talk] CoAKTinG project

thought some of you might be interested to see how we're thinking about a new project just started here, integrating Compendium with presence information, video conferencing/virtual meetings, and workflow/coordination:

CoAKTinG (Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the Grid)


CoAKTinG (Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the Grid) is a project that will start in June 2002 and run for 24 months. It is funded by the UK e-Science Programme. An introductory paper on CoAKTinG submitted accepted for presentation at WACE-2002 is available:

Buckingham Shum, S., De Roure, D., Eisenstadt, M., Shadbolt, N. and Tate, A. (2002) CoAKTinG: Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the Grid. Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Advanced Collaborative Environments, Eleventh IEEE Int. Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC-11), July 24-26, 2002, Edinburgh, Scotland. [
HTML format, PDF format, MS Word format].

The Objective is to advance the state of the art in collaborative mediated spaces for distributed e-Science collaboration through the novel application of advanced knowledge technologies such as:

       Ontologies to enhance multi-modal and multi-media time phased group discussions and problem solving
       Knowledge-based planning and task support to enhance issue-based process/activity discussions
       Scholarly discourse and argumentation to enhance collaborative meeting structures
       Presence and visualisation to enhance group peripheral awareness at a distance