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[ba-ohs-talk] PM Network Q & A Article

Ross,    (01)

PMI and related professionals have developed techniques for tracking
cost and schedule metrics, and in recent years these have have been
integrated using the Cost/Schedule Control System Criteria (C/SCSC)
developed for measuring progress on major procurements by DOD.  On
950202 Harold Kerzner lectured on the importance of integrated
solutions...    (02)

http://www.welchco.com/sd/08/00101/02/95/02/02/093022.HTM#0001    (03)

What has been missing up until now are Communication Metrics that
complement traditional methods.  Since communication is a predicate to
action, aligning daily communication necessarily has a bigger impact
on saving time and money than simply measuring cost and schedule after
the fact.  What are these metrics? The US Army Corps of Engineers
published a report showing that unanswered correspondence, pending
action items, overlooked subjects at meetings, and aligning daily work
with objectives, requirements and commitments are critical ways to
measure progress, and reduce costs at the rate of about 10:1....    (04)

http://www.welchco.com/04/00065/60/97/10/0702.HTM#0001    (05)

Benefits of Com Metrics are further explained in NWO that was
published in an earlier form by PMI in 1996...    (06)

http://www.welchco.com/03/00050/01/09/03/02/03/0309.HTM#0742    (07)

Hope this helps.  For a longer anecdote, see the record of PMI's
Asilomar Conference on 940611 presenting a case study that illustrates
how communication gets mixed up to delay progress...    (08)

http://www.welchco.com/sd/08/00101/02/94/06/11/083850.HTM#8239    (09)

PMI tried to fix this problem a few years later, and made good
progress, but there is still quite a bit to do...    (010)

http://www.welchco.com/04/00009/03/0008.HTM#0001    (011)

Your Q&A article may help.    (012)

Rod    (013)

**************    (014)

Ross Foti wrote:
> I hope you are doing well. I am writing to see if you are interested in
> answering a short question for an upcoming feature in PM Network magazine,
> the monthly magazine of the Project Management Institute. I'm looking for a
> 40- to 70-word response to the following question:
> How do you measure project progress?
> Basically, I'm looking for a short anecdote or a best practice about metrics
> tracking--nothing too involved. I feel our readers would be very interested
> in your response, and would love for you to participate. However, if you are
> not interested, it would be great if you could recommend someone who you
> think would give a good answer. The deadline for a response is Thursday,
> July 18.
> Please let me know if you are willing and able. Thanks so much for your
> time--I really appreciate your help on this.
> Sincerely,
> Ross
> Ross Foti
> Imagination Publishing
> 2222 N. Elston Ave.
> 2nd Floor
> Chicago, IL 60614
> 773/252-3200, ext. 28
> fax: 773/252-3290
> rfoti@imaginepub.com
> www.imaginepub.com    (015)