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[ba-ohs-talk] Purpling our BA-OHS and BA-UNREV e-mails

This is a follow-up to some suggestions made in April...    (01)

On April 22, at http://www.bootstrap.org/lists/ba-ohs-
I suggested that:    (02)

> If they [e-mails] hit Eugene's program first, and _then_ got
> redistributed, we could gradually start receiving richer versions of the
> e-mail items in our own mailboxes, For starters, arriving with the URI
> of message in the archive. I could then easily grab and feed that to my
> personal information husbandry routines.    (03)

Eugene Eric Kim responded on April 24, at 
with:    (04)

> I think it's worth an
> experiment.  GNU Mailman (http://www.list.org/) is a good candidate for
> hacking in this regard, because archiving is integrated with the list
> management software.  In other words, the list management software will
> know what the archived URL will be before it sends the message.  That's
> not the case with the Majordomo/MHonArc combination BA is using right 
> now.    (05)

John Sechrest responded to this on April 24, at 
suggesting:    (06)

> We could easily hack the majordomo/mhonarc combination
>   so that it did know the URL ahead of time.
>   The way to do this is:
>          Adjust the alias for the list to mail to a program
> 	 which is a mail message processor, and it pushs
> 	 the message into mhonarc, gets the URL and then
> 	 filters the message. Then sends it on to the list.    (07)

I think this is still a good idea: it would improve our process, because 
we could immediately start our own info-management of UNREV and OHS list 
items.    (08)

I feel a bit sheepish re-suggesting this, because I'm not the one who 
would do the work, but it seems like a good, concrete, relatively 
simple, task that carries some bootstrap characteristics, and starts 
getting purple numbers out into the world.    (09)

Mark    (010)