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[ba-ohs-talk] Re: Semantic web meta data

At 13:59 -0700 2002/08/02, Eric Armstrong wrote:    (01)

<snip/>    (02)

>That tends to argue for natural-language queries. Otherwise I'm
>going to have a huge ontology to wade through to figure out how
>to express my question.    (03)

That assumes that the only option is a "horizontal" search engine 
like Google. "Horizontal" meaning here: regardless what domain it is 
all about, same search field. I agree that will never be usable to 
anyone except for the most hard-core techies, some of the time.    (04)

However, if one has context -- eg I'm visiting a health website, and 
I'm in the "advice for pre-school kids" section already -- then 
assembling the right query with the respective ontology may just be a 
bunch of multiple-choice questions and may look identical to web user 
interfaces today.    (05)

Otherwise we'd have to embark on a project similar to the making of 
the Oxford English dictionary, which took generations, except that 
this would be much harder I'd think, and the results would, based on 
currently knowledge, essentially be unusable.    (06)