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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Organic Growth of Knowledge

Just to be argumentative: your example is an example of a bad
query, not of a bad google. Where are the nouns in your query?
You've got to have nouns.    (01)

Say your press is (I'm making this up) a Linotype X15-24P.    (02)

Stick that in your query. It will help.    (03)

On Thu, 15 Aug 2002, Eric Armstrong wrote:    (04)

> Google is "almost" the best thing since sliced bread, in that
>    a) It *is* the best thing since sliced bread if you the query you
>        are asking reflects the moat popularly-asked question.
>        (The odds are good, because it is in the nature of a popular
>          question that many people ask it.)
>    b) If the question you are asking is *different* from the popular
>        one, Google isn't much help at all.
> Let's see if I can construct a concrete example. (I've encountered quite
> a few, but haven't recorded them.)
> Let's consider a search on something like "stopping a printing process".
> Since most Google users are computer geeks, if you want to know
> how to cancel a print job, you'll come up with lots of great hits right
> away.
> But if you're trying to shut down the newspaper's printing press, you're
> going to have a huge collection of false positives to get through before
> you find something relevant.    (05)

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"If you assume that there is an instinct for freedom, that there are
opportunities to change things, that hope is possible, then hope may be
justified, and a better world may be built. That's your choice.'' N.Chomsky    (06)