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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Solving complex problems

Another excellent post, clarifying the need to identify each
stakeholder's concerns, as a preliminary first step in any
negotiation process.    (01)

I'd *really* like to see equilibrium theory involved in the
next step -- carrying out the negotiations.    (02)

Unfortunately, one of the books that promises an explanation
isn't available, and the other appears to be on a slowboat, so
I'm winging it here, but the gist of what I understand is:    (03)

* If a proposal maximizes my benefit, AND it maximizes the
   benefit of the group as a whole (which is most likely the
   mini-max, or saddle point in the benefits curves)    (04)

* AND if I can demonstrate to all concerned that this IS
   the mini-max point.    (05)

* THEN, the proposed solution is both optimal and ideal, and
   must surely be accepted.    (06)

I suspect that "clarifying concerns" is the first step in that process.
After that, reasoning tools, models, and other tools of reason-based
persuasion are necessary.    (07)