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[ba-ohs-talk] Database / Knowledge formats

The Web_Dialect group on Yahoo works in Rebol



Andrew Martin is the main force behind this, and he is doing interesting work base on Sentences from Lazy Software www.lazysoft.com


Sentences is written in Java and is based on a structure that they call The Associative Data Model http://www.lazysoft.com/associativemodel/default.htm . There is a pdf white paper that has a little bit of information. It is mostly hype, but there is some data on database format concepts.

There is a personal version of the program, which I have downloaded but not tried.


It is worth quoting from Andrew Martin’s experience with his implementation:


[Web_Dialect] Fast, fluid and for real! :)


> Here's an example, I start with Wiki showing the contents of it's Files

> directory. I click on the link showing Pupil.rnv and in about a second, the

> browser shows a complete list of every pupil in the school; over 500 names.

> I choose a pupil's name, and bang! there's the contents displayed in the

> browser. This pupil is in a Form and takes several classes, each of which is

> a link. So I click on the Form link, and see a page describing the Form

> along with all the pupils in it. Then I click a pupil from this list, and

> the browser displays it, then click on one of the pupil's classes, and the

> class is shown with it's assigned line (time on the time table), subject,

> teacher and room, along with the pupils taking this class. Then I click on

> the Room and see what classes use this room. And I can keep on going around

> and around, following the links from detailed to specific and reverse.






Garold (Gary) L. Johnson