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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] ohs cvs?

Alatalo Toni wrote:    (01)

> James Michael DuPont <mdupont777@yahoo.com> wrote:
> >--- "John J. Deneen" <jjdeneen@netzero.net> wrote:
> >>   About 8-months have elapsed since the Bootstrap Alliance website
> >> was  last updated ....     (01)
> >even more, I have not seen any code submitted.    (02)
> that has been my greatest wonder as well.    (02)

I've been monitoring the list, wondering if anything was ever going to
happen. I kept hearing about all the great open source efforts that
were going to contribute it, if only the license issues were resolved.    (03)

Then the license were resolved -- to everyone's satisfaction, as far
as I could tell -- and the list fell silent.    (04)

The problem that extends well beyond *that* however, is the fact
that someone seems to have misplaced the OHS spec. Dear me.
Now, where did that pesky spec go? I know it was around here
someplace...    (05)

Lacking *an* OHS, I would love to see a list of descriptions for
OHS-like systems that showed:
   a) What they intended to achieve, where they intended to go
   b) What languages/platforms they used
   c) How much was currently implemented
   d) The project plan or feature wishlist
   e) What others had to say about it    (06)