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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Mobile HyperScope?

On Tue, 14 Jan 2003, Teppo Raisanen wrote:    (01)

> 1. HyperScope should be a server side application.
> Most of the work should be done on server and as little information as
> possible send to mobile device. This is because mobile devices lack the
> computing power and memory of a normal PC. Also with mobile devices
> bandwidth should not be wasted.    (02)

This seems to be in conflict with the p2p-idea, but of course the two
approaches can be seen combined as well: those small devices would
probably lack the resources to participate in such a network anyhow, and
would require a gateway similarly.    (03)

In the case of a server side application, without a connection to the
server the mobile devices could not provide any OHS functionality.
(probably at least caching would help a little here, though (e.g. wap
browsers do that by default)).    (04)

In case of a p2p network, any node that would be within reach of the
mobile device could potentially act as such a gateway (e.g. a nearby
laptop could do that for a mobile phone over bluetooth, if the mobile
phone for some reason would be unable to connect to the actual servers,
or if that connection would be too slow).    (05)

~Toni    (06)