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RE: [ba-ohs-talk] Klez Among Us

The payload is written to operate on Windows 32, so the executable
attachment probably wouldn't load and run on a non-Win32 platform. This
virus/worm will infect machines other than the one initially infected by
means of any file sharing arrangements on the local LAN, but the files are
virulent on another Win32 machine as far as I know.    (01)

You must be on a machine that can run Outlook or Outlook Express. That is
one of the avenues of infection and it is the source of mail boxes and
address books that the virus uses to compose its impersonations and
propagate itself.  It does not require that software to transmit virus-laden
messages however, so the propagation messages won't show up in the Outlook
outbox or sent messages folders.    (02)

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On Sat, 1 Feb 2003, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:    (04)

not that i, or anyone i know, meets the other demands, but just would
inquire about this particular one for other reasons:    (05)

> 3. You use Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express or have used it and it is    (06)

do these depend on the operating system, as well?    (07)

> congratulating myself that my system is not infected (possible ironic    (08)

;) can agree there, i guess. and do appreciate your efforts.    (09)

> -- orcmid    (010)

~Toni    (011)