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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Icons for IBIS

albert.m.selvin@verizon.com wrote:    (01)

> Eric's example below is actually a case where something is being used as an
> argument that is really better stated as an idea/position/answer. "X costs
> $10,000 to buy" isn't stated as a an argument; it's a statement of fact. "X
> is too expensive", OTOH, would be an argument.    (02)

Yes. Those are the kinds of factoids that crop up in a reusable knowledge
base. When the goal is combine such a KB with an IBIS-style discussion
manager, the issue crops up.    (03)

Personally, I think that kind of design is best scheduled 5 years out or so.
My focus on collaboration tools derived solely from the difficulty of
designing such a system in any intelligent way, especially remotely.    (04)

So I think it is totally fair not to bother with reusable nodes and maleable
roles at this point in time. Instead, I would plan to cut and paste the text
"X costs $10,000" into a pro node one time, and into a con node some
other time.    (05)

That strikes me as one of the reasonable corners to cut to get something
that works in anyone's lifetime.    (06)