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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Icons for IBIS

Jeff Conklin wrote:    (01)

> ...My first impulse about transcluding arguments is not to do it -- restate
> the
> argument in each context to be clear and compelling in that
> context.  What's an example where you really need to transclude just the
> argument, without the Question and Idea that it's a part of?    (02)

Agree, totally.    (03)

Someday WAY down the road, when we can produce automated reasoning
systems that argue from existing factoids, it makes sense to transclude them.
Such systems may well be able to finish up a design, or help find holes in it.    (04)

In the meantime, I typically find it quicker to restate what I have in my head
than to dig up an answer.    (05)

In an eFAQ system, on the other hand, the explanations are lengthy, so it
makes sense to work on ways to find and reuse existing material quickly.    (06)

In a design/discussion/argumentation system, I don't see it as all that
necessary.    (07)