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[ba-unrev-talk] [Fwd: Re: Standards Esoterica]

Too good not to share.
We've seen a few of these...    (01)

-------- Original Message --------    (02)

As stated in alpha-version copy of:  
"The XML Standard Committee Participation Guide for Dummies"     (03)

A "rat-hole" issue is a topic, that every time it comes up for
discussion, results in the entire committee being sucked into 
heated and inconclusive debate for an extended period of time.    (04)

If not addressed, a rat-hole issue may evolve into the dreaded
"rat-canyon" issue ... a very large rat-hole indeed.    (05)

A "zombie" issue is a topic, that even after everyone on the committee
agrees it has been resolved, settled, and buried forever, at each 
subsequent meeting, it will suddenly emerge from the grave and begin
once again to eat the brains of the living.    (06)

ANY versioning scheme you can think of will work satisfactorily
for Version 1.    (07)

Any versioning scheme you can think of will metamorph into a rat-canyon
zombie issue for versions 2 and above.    (08)