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[ba-unrev-talk] further research and thinking related to unrev-ii archive

Back in April Kathryn La Barre and I announced, on this list,
some work we were doing with computational methods for generating
faceted access structures to the archive of the unrev-ii (the
list that is the precursor to this one) email list.    (01)

Since then a paper describing the work and its relevance to the
PORT project was written for the Pragmatic Web Workshop at the
10th International Conference on Conceptual Structures. Much of
the workshop was held over email. For Kathryn and I the email
collaboration led to an extensive revision of the paper. We had
something of a revelation about the nature of knowledge
representation and discourse that may be of interest.    (02)

The final version of the paper:    (03)

  http://ella.slis.indiana.edu/~klabarre/iccs2002_concept.doc    (04)

The first version of the paper:    (05)

  http://www.burningchrome.com/~cdent/uviz/port4.doc    (06)

The project homepage:    (07)

  http://ella.slis.indiana.edu/~klabarre/unrev_firstpage.html    (08)

The workshop homepage:    (09)

  http://lml.bas.bg/iccs2002/PORT_abstract.htm    (010)

The original announcement of some of the research on this list:    (011)

  http://www.bootstrap.org/lists/ba-unrev-talk/0204/msg00023.html    (012)

A followup message describing more recent developments
(prototype searchable interface):    (013)

  http://www.bootstrap.org/lists/ba-unrev-talk/0206/msg00014.html    (014)

The promised facet access structure has not been created, but we
are working on it.    (015)

Chris Dent  <cdent@burningchrome.com>  http://www.burningchrome.com/~cdent/
"If you assume that there is an instinct for freedom, that there are
opportunities to change things, that hope is possible, then hope may be
justified, and a better world may be built. That's your choice.'' N.Chomsky    (016)