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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Connecting the Dots...

Eric Armstrong wrote:
> Bill Bearden wrote:
> >
> > If Iraq procured these weapons before, couldn't they
> > do that again? Even without their current leadership?
> >
> Absolutely. As could many existing states. The state of
> affairs that Bill Joy warned of is coming to pass, and
> this is just the tip of the iceberg. The threefold path
> to world nirvana involves: ...
On reflection, I see that I let myself get side-tracked
by the Bill Joy thing, and my thoughts on that subject.
The real issue is:
  * If another Iraq regime could get these weapons (or,
    for that matter, if another country could acquire or
    develop them) then why should we go after Iraq.    (01)

I think the answer lies in:
  a) Proven track record of using the weapons.
  b) Personal history of torture, which both requires and
     generates an incredible callousness to human suffering
  c) Proven track record of supplying and motivating
     suicide bombers.
  d) Need for money.
  e) Lust for power.    (02)

In short, it is the combination of the person (some would
say the psychopath. I am one.) and the technology that is
so immediately and imminently dangerous.    (03)